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Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Love Quotes: Love is a beautiful feeling. You can feel it only when you are truly in love with someone. So my dear friends, today we have come up with the best post for you, in which you will find all kinds of quotes in English to express your love and feelings. With its help, you can make your relationship happy and beautiful. So start reading now and feel the deep feeling of love. And share these beautiful love quotes with your lover and let them know how much you love them. Also, here you can download high-quality Love Status Images for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Love Quotes

New Romantic Love Quotes

Forever and always,
without a doubt,
I am yours…

Cute Love Quotes For GF

I don’t want much,
just your time, your love
and you..

I’m yours until the end of this

Millions of feelings only for

I am lucky to have you in my life.

Each day falling deeper in
love with you….

You are the one and only..”

Happiness Means
“You and Me Together”

You’re the most beautiful chapter
in the book of my life…

My Heart Is Connect With Your Heart,
No Matter How Far You’re..❤️

Everyday, every minute, every
second I’m waiting for a massage
from you…

Cute Love Quotes For GF

Beautiful Love Quotes For Couple

7 billions smiles and
yours is my favourite…

Feeling love Quotes

Please be with me,
because i wanna hug
you every day…

Top Love Quotes in English 2022

You are my everything
in my little world…

Your heart is my permanent

You’re not my choice you are
my whole world..

You are so special to me and
i can’t even explain why..”

Having you in my life is the biggest

You will always be my first

Every love story is beautiful,
but Ours is my favourite…

You’re the most beautiful
decision of my life..

Life will be more beautiful,
Agar tum saath ho…

Trust me I have never felt
this way the way I feel for

Beautiful Love Quotes For Couple

True love quotes

You are a perfect gift
to me by the universe.
You are my world…You’re.

Famous Love Quotes

This is my promise to you,
i will hold you for lifetime..

New Romantic Love Quotes

You are mine,
you are not allowed
to leave me ever…

Forever and always,
without any doubt, I’m yours..!

This is my promise to you,
i will hold you for lifetime…

To My Special One, You Are
My First Choice And Last Option..

I Hope This bond between us
will never end…

I may not be the best,
but i will never cheat you…

4 hours with the right person feels
like 4 minutes..

Your love means everything
to me i will never let you go…

I love you but more than this,
I want to see you happy..!

Loving you is the second
best thing I ever did,
And finding you is the first..

Feeling love Quotes

Cute Love Quotes For GF

Just be mine and
i will love you..
in million ways…

Beautiful Love Quotes For Couple

I want to marry you
and disturb you
for the rest of my life…

Feeling love Quote

Thanks for being the
most beautiful part
of my life…

I am completely yours and just Love
this feeling of being yours..!!

I may not see you everyday,
but I love you everyday..

I wanna be your last kiss,
Last love and last everything…

My day feels incomplete without
talking to you…

i’m not perfect,
but i’ll do my best to
always keep you happy…

You have no idea how
important you are to me..

I am in love with you every moment
I spend with you…

No more demands now,
I got you, I got Everything..

I’ll keep choosing you
every single day…

Top Love Quotes in English

I don’t know anything else,
I just know that you are mine..

Since 2022 is about to end,
Mention the best person
you met this year..

You’re so special to
me and I can’t even
explain why!

Mention your daily chat person…!!

Everything in life has a limit,
except my love for you..

You make me smile through
my bad days & that’s so important..

You’re enough for me
All i need is you and your love!!

Mention someone you want,
Today, tomorrow, next week and
for the rest of your life…

My heart knows what it wants,
You and Only you..

That’s all i want, Just you
and me Forever and together..

i will always love you more than
my limits..

I’m not overconfident but,
Nobody loves you more than me..

True love quotes

You are not my an option,
you are my priority..

We are in a relationship
that ends in marriage,
not in breakup..

Even if I get thousands
of choices, my first and last
choice will always be you….

Hold me tight and never let
me go that’s all i need…”

I found my friend, my best friend,
my soulmate, my love in you..

Too many hands,
but i just want to hold yours..

You’re the only one in this world,
I want to be with from now until

Even from distance I’ll always
love you more…

It’s just started with just “Hii”
But now you are live in my heart..

I miss you more than I Show,
I Love you more than you know..”

You are everything I’ve always
needed and prayed for…

I love how you love me back.
I love everything about you…

Famous Love Quotes

In This Story Of Mine,
You’ll Always Be My
Favourite Chapter..

I never want to stop
making memories with you..

I will be very lucky,
if you will become
my life partner…

I need youu!
Mentally, physically and emotionally..!

That’s all I want, just you and me
Forever and together..

One day that day will come and we
will be officially married….

Promise me whatever happens tomorrow,
You will never leave me…

I miss you,
I hope we meet soon..

I might be angry sometimes but,
I will never leave you..

Mention someone
Who can make you smile anytime..

Fights are temporary but our
bond is Unbreakable..

Just remember,
You’re one in a billion,
My one in a billion..

Everyone has one special
person in life For me it’s You..

My life will be worthless if you’re
not with me..

Nothing is better than the time
i get to spend with you..

Dear love, I need you every second..

Too many hands,
but i just want to hold yours!

Sometimes i look at you and i wonder
how get to be so damn lucky…

Love Quotes in English

I have so many people to Talk but I still wait for you to come online.

Every time I smile. Believe me, you’re The reason behind it.”

Trust me, one day. you and I will shine together.

I miss you more Than I show I Love you More than I know.

You have no idea how fast my heartbeats when I see you..

I know I get rude. With you sometimes. But believe me. I love you the most..

Every little moment with you Feels like the best moment of my life…

I may not see you every day. but I love you every day.

Sometimes I push you away because I need you To pull me closer.

Remember me please. every day. I miss you more than I can say.

I wish I could see you Every time I miss you..

Calling me cute is nice, Calling me hat is great. But calling. Me yours is all I want.

New Romantic Love Quotes 2024



I carry your heart with me I carry it in my heart

I’m in love. I was hit by cupid’s sparrow.

I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

The love we give away is the only love we keep.

True love is putting someone else before yourself.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

I love you for all that you are,
all that you have been
and all that you will be.”

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